H.P.I. Paranormal Investigations International began as a paranormal investigative
group  in 2004.

The owner is
Shannon McCabe, who has a background in promotions, event planning
and paranormal investigations. Our General Manager is accomplished Ghostwriter, Paul
Dale Roberts.  Together they have been on shows such as History Channel's Monster
Quest, Conversations With A Serial Killer, Penn & Teller's Bullshit, Off The Hook TV's
Pay Per View Special,  Sky 1 Network UK's Micheal Jackson: In Search of His Spirit and a
documentary about Angels & Demons.

H.P.I. International has a group of select core investigators for our private investigations,
and a large group of members (or Ghosties as we call them) that we take to haunted
locations for fun events and overnighters called Scouting Missions.

We welcome new folks to
join H.P.I. by contacting us an providing us with your email.  We
hope to meet you at an H.P.I. Scouting Mission!

We conduct training classes periodically for those new to the field, teaching all aspects of
the paranormal.
Check our
Events page for details.

We respect and honor requests for confidentiality from clients and conduct ourselves in
a professional manner at all times.

If you have unusual activity in your home or workplace and would like to get to the bottom
of what's going on, feel free to contact us at 1-888-709-4HPI.

If you would like promotion for your haunted business, please
contact us as well. We
have a full time paranormal writer, Paul Dale Roberts. Your business could possibly be
picked up for one of our upcoming T.V. projects!
Shannon McCabe
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