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Coming OcTRUber 23rd, 2010
Autism - Third Eye to the Paranormal?
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

(In depth video of the interview with Ryan is found below)

On July 21, 2010, Shannon ‘Ms. Macabre’ McCabe and myself headed over to Sutter Creek to work a very unusual
case. The family greeted us with open arms and even prepared dinner (tacos/corn on the cob, fudge brownies &
sodas) for us. We were greeted by their two cocker spaniels Rocko and Jax. They even have a hamster named
Michael M
eyers. The occupants tell us that their 13 year old son is able to see and speak to ghosts. Their son is
diagnosed with autism.

Note from Shannon:  I have worked with many autistic children and Ryan seems incredibly normal and well
adjusted to me.  It's said that you cannot grow out of autism but maybe somehow he's been cured?

To see pictures of this investigation, go

At times my articles have theme songs. The theme songs, set the mood for the article. For this article, Ryan's
favorite song is "No Boundaries" By Adam Lambert

This is how the mother of this unique 13 year old son explains their situation, she states:

"Our son was born at 30-32 weeks from trauma. His heart stopped and I was taken into surgery for emergency C-
section. He spent 2+ months in the ICN unit with multiple intestinal problems (the staff actually cleared out the ICN
unit on Christmas Eve so his older brothers could meet him and say goodbye as they thought he would not
survive). He did survive, he had two intestinal surgeries; Malrotation of the intestines, duo-denal stenosis with
Volvulous. He then had a long history of Asthma, Trecheal bronchitis, R.S.V., Mega colon, Larnygiomalacia,
Hypotomia (low muscle tone), Autism, Encephalopathy, Sensory Defensiveness. All diagnosed by age 2 years.

Between 4-5 years old Ryan began to “come out” of his Autistic world. At age 5, we had words and eye
contact. I remember how strange it was to have a 5 year old asking me what is that, referring to the airplane in the
sky, or the fire truck on the road. These are things you teach your children at age 1 and 2 years old. It was difficult
to take him to public places. I remember his older brother's football games, I had to take Ryan away from the
crowd and the noise, we went into a inside hallway at the school. The neurologist taught me to do a “neurological
hold” where you sit down, place your child in front of you, wrap your arms and legs around them until their violent fit
subsides. Someone called the police and the police came to question me. All the times I tried to get Ryan into a
grocery store, he would crawl under the cart or clothing racks covering himself with my jacket. Later, when he
learned to talk, he would say,
“too many people mommy.”

Ryan struggles with other children his age, Bullies target him and do very brutal things. He has no boundaries,
which scares us as parents. Frequently he struggles with poor insight, immaturity, and impulse control. But at the
same time his IQ is normal (121) and his creative IQ is 137. He has also been diagnosed with three learning
disabilities, short term memory deficit, ADD with a GAF (Global functioning at 60) and “problems with peer
relationships.” Oh, important note,
Ryan has never been on any medications outside his medical need. i.e.
Mega colon, Asthma etc.. nothing for ADD no mood inhibitors, we wanted to wait and get him as old as we could
before resorting to medications. We also did not want to get on the “band wagon” of jumping to all these diagnosis
as we have 3 older sons, and know what kids do as they grow up.

Ryan has always preferred animals to people. He has a way with animals which is incredible to watch. I have
watched him walk up to any strange, aggressive animal and immediately the animal calms and goes to him, licking
him, and crawling all over him. Ryan has on several occasions, gone out into the horse pasture and laid on the
belly of his horses and read a book enjoying an afternoon nap with the horses.

When Ryan was about 8 years old he began telling about the people "ghosts" he spoke with and saw on a
fairly regular basis.
I took the avenue of “neutral ground”, not knowing how to handle it. I told him some people,
very few, can possibly see and talk to ghosts-maybe. Children are growing so fast and their creativity is so
powerful, most likely its your creativity going in over drive, “let me know if it continues.” Is where I would leave it. I
would not engage it, but I would ask 1 or 2 casual questions, like, oh, that’s nice, or tell them they have to get use
to us, we are here to take care of their property for them. To dis-engage his intensity of the situation.

One instance he talked about a man he was looking at as he told me. The man was telling him he was killed and
how he was killed, by whom etc.. he even told him his name. I played it off casually. I told my husband and we
looked up the man’s name to discover it was a real person, same age, description and he was killed in the same
manner as Ryan had described. The only difference was the man was in another city.

So, our son occasionally comes to us and tells us little stories of “people” he meets.

Recently, 10 years later from the original diagnosis of Autism and Encephalopathy, we have been challenged with
Ryan’s diagnosis. Feeling the pressure from “social politics” we felt it was time to re-do Ryan’s evaluation and get a
new “updated” diagnosis of what’s going on with him. (this way he could get services for his learning disabilities for
school etc..). Surprisingly, we got him into a well renowned Neuro science center in California. The basics began,
referral to Psychology for Aspergers/ PDD High functioning Autism (what ever they wanted to call it), along with
identifying the three learning disabilities.
Until Ryan told the neurologist about the ghosts he speaks with. It
perked up the neurologist, but he immediately dismissed any possibility of ghosts and said Ryan was having
hallucinations, he referred Ryan to Psychiatry to find out if there is a psychotic feature to Ryan’s issues. As I am
now open to exploring all avenues with this child.
Completely dismissing the possibility of ghosts also seems
“un scientific” shouldn't they be ruled out in the same consideration as any possible psychotic issues?"


Some of the 13 year old boy’s experiences are the following:

Once he was riding in a truck and saw a man walking alongside the road in a tattered shirt and torn pants. The
man had blood all over him. The man was able to communicate via telepathy and tell Ryan that while the man was
tending to his cattle, a bull horn went through his stomach and that is how he died.

Ryan also saw an old man out in the field. The old man would also communicate with him by telepathy. When the
old man saw his long dead family, he disappeared and he has not been seen since. The old man’s family is a 16
year old son that died in a car accident and a 32 year old daughter that died of a drug overdose.

When Ryan sees entities, he sees them with his peripheral vision, he  also senses them, he will feel like he is being
watched and chills will go through his body. He will look and see a solid looking person with a white glow around
the silhouette.

Note: This reminded me on how Peter Parker would be alerted by his 'spidey senses' to any upcoming danger.

When Shannon and I took this young boy out in the fields, for a good while Ryan did not see any entities. Finally
the young boy spots a ghost. Through telepathy, he learns the ghost is a little girl named Samantha, she is blind
and died of breathing problems. I took pictures out in the field and received no anomalies in my photographs.
When this boy said that Samantha was standing by the trees, I took several pictures of bright orbs. It was a
coincidence that I would get orb pictures during the time the boy sees the entity known as Samantha.

Ryan then tells us "She's gone".  And here's what we captured: (nothing)

Disclaimer Note: Orbs are not proof of the paranormal.

Special Note. We saw how Ryan was with his two horses, he has a good heart and animals take to him well. An
interesting side line mention is that on the way to this home in Sutter Creek, we came across jack rabbits, deer and
coyote. The area is filled with wildlife, it was enjoyable to watch these wild animals in their habitat.

Disclaimer Note: Orbs are not proof of the paranormal. But could this be the "Samantha" that Ryan is telling us

Possible evidence is still being analyzed. Completed results will be relayed as they are analyzed. We conducted
several EVP sessions during the time that Ryan would be in the presence of a ghost. Video footage also needs to
be analyzed. Ryan's stories were consistent and I had him many times re-tell various stories and not once did he
miss any details as when the story was first told.  Stay tuned for the in depth video interview with Ryan within two

A story sent to us by one of our HPI readers:

"Hi Paul, I just finished reading your latest article and it was fascinating. I thought I would share a store of my own
with you that is similar. If you will remember, I once sent you a couple of pictures with orbs around children, and
like you said, orbs are not really proof of anything, but then again.....? But the same family (my daughter Sara
once came to a meeting at the Marysville library with me) has a gorgeous little red head boy named Kristopher.
There has been no diagnosis, but I have worked with children for years, and although Sara and I do not discuss it
often, (it's occasionally the elephant in the room) Kristopher shows many symptoms of Autism or more directly
Aspergers. He is extremely intelligent, and due to a recent experience, I believe he is also intuitive.

Kristopher was frequently "talking" in his room, and of course it was assumed he was playing with some imaginary
friends, or just talking to himself. But it would often be late at night, and he would be speaking rather gruffly and
telling someone to "stop singing".

Then it came to him telling his mom that there was a man in his room. They thought he meant outside his room
maybe, looking in, so his dad being a policeman reported it to his station and they kicked up surveillance patrols
for a while. But then Kristopher persisted and said no the man "in my room", so my daughter went there and said
show me where he is Kristopher, and Kristopher told her, "he's not here NOW, he comes at night!" So now Sara is
getting kind of freaked out.

Next, she overhears Kristopher talking to his little sister and telling her about the "ghost" in his room. Now she is
really worried, but doesn't know what to do.

Sara's father comes by to visit her after not stopping by for about 2 weeks. He asked her if she had seen his back
pack, because he was sure that he had left it there. Sure enough it was there at the house, and do you know what
he had inside the backpack?

His fathers remains. He was cremated years before, but my ex had never taken him back to Arizona to be buried
as he would have liked. He has been keeping him at his home, but whenever he and his wife are having problems,
he throws his dad into a backpack and off they go.

I asked Sara to please ask her dad to take his father (Pablo Guerrero) back to Arizona, so his spirit can rest, but
he still hasn't done it. I did ask Sara what she remembers most about her grandpa (he died when she was young,
maybe 6 or 7) who passed after a battle with prostate cancer. She said she remembered how he was always
singing!   I said, "well, I guess he tried singing to his great-grandson, but Kristopher was less then appreciative!" lol

After the bag left the home, Kristopher no longer saw the man come into his room, or was kept awake from the
man singing.

To me, I think it is sweet. Pablo was a good man, and I took care of him during some of the last months, until the
doctors said he would have to have 24 hour nursing care, and I think he probably got a kick out of seeing his
great grandson and being seen back!

Kristopher has always talked to "things" like stuffed animals, or sometimes he just sits and talks, but I always
assumed it was chatter. Now I have to wonder. He has some trouble explaining things, so I don't ever push him,
because as bright as he is, I think he realizes that maybe he is the only one seeing certain things. But I will tell you
one thing.... when he says he sees someone, or heard something, I will not brush it off anymore, but be careful to

Sorry to be so lengthy, but I thought you might enjoy this experience. Take care, Mona Langer"
Shannon McCabe recording a session
with Ryan in the woods.  He tells us
that "Samantha" is right near us. Note
the orb in the tree.
Shannon McCabe talking to Ryan as
he tells her that "Samantha is back
and right near her" Note the orb in the
tree behind Shannon
Orb still visible but much lighter with a pink dot in it.  
When the pictures are blown up large all of the orbs
have a pink dot in or near them.