H.P.I. Paranormal Equipment guide                                                      

Video Camera with Night Shot- A quality video camera is essential to getting video evidence of your anomaly or creature.
We like the Sony 30GB Harddrive camera with Night Shot.  If your camera does not have Night Shot you can use an
external IR (infrared) to light up your area.  We do not suggest using cameras with outdated tape sizes such as VCR.

Infrared lighting- IR is essential to light up rooms that are too dark to record properly.   You can get external flash light
styles or ones that will attach directly to your video camera.

Television Monitor- A TV monitor is an essential piece of equipment when you'd like to see what is happening on your
video cameras.  

Video Splitter- Using a video camera, closed circuit cameras and or a television on your investigations?   If you are you
might be able to appreciate this little invention.  It allows you to apply multiple camera use to one single television.  Using
a video splitter attached to you multiple cameras allows for any television with the appropriate jacks to split a screen or
even switch between cameras depending on the level of splitter your able to acquire.

Voice Recorder- Any quality digital audio recorder with a USB port will work.  We love the Olympus VS-3100 as it is easy
to use and has a ton of storage.  You can pick one up at Radio Shack for about $35.00.

Spares- Always make sure you have enough film for your cameras (video and or still), batteries for every different piece
of equipment, and audiotapes, new and unused for most reliable data.  In these situations get into a habit of not even
unwrapping the original unused film or whatever it may be until you load it into the equipment.  

Batteries- Spare batteries, nothing ruins an investigation like lost or missed data.  Greatly varying prices for different
brands, sizes and quantity in package.  We prefer to use batteries with an expiration date on.  Batteries with a self-
contained power level gauge can make trouble-shooting problems with equipment in the field a bit easier.

Watch- A digital version may be easier to read at a glance.  One with a light-able face for in the field use could be ideal.  
Another feature on a watch that could be of some added use would be a stopwatch element for timing anomalies.  Having
an alarm feature may come in handy for those late night investigations..  Use this timepiece as an aid to your scientific
endeavors.  Recording specific times (to the second, or tenth of a second etc.) may help reveal clues as well as
credibility to your work.  Keeping all timepieces used in the investigation synchronized has proven to be quite significant.  
Doing this allows you to record exactly where every investigator was at the time of a possible anomaly and what they
experienced if anything in there vicinity.

Container- Any sturdy container that can seal tightly and securely.  Using a sturdy container helps protect any physical
data collected in the field until it can be stored properly.  Having at least one container that is liquid tight would be helpful
for taking samples and such.

Bag- A re-sealable, waterproof bag for an extra container or to place another container in for added security.  This can
also be used as a quick water proofing system for sensitive equipment if and when the unexpected rainstorm happens.

Portable Microscope- This style of micro-microscopes is usually of a lighter material giving a less quality and sturdy feel.  
They normally are not as powerful as the desktop microscope nor are they offered in stereoscopic models.  This being
said it can be a priceless tool in the field if you are investigating something that typically leaves physical clues behind.  

Pen/Paper- For recording any desired information or data.  Some times you're not able to dictate into your audio
recorder with out disturbing the investigation or because it is being used in another area.  

Written Documentation- There are numerous areas that could help your investigation in the long run if appropriate
written documentation is obtained. Whether interviewing a civilian witness to the possible anomaly your investigating or
an investigator they it all should be professionally carried out and properly documented for posterity.  

Digital Thermometer- A digital thermometer is able to react faster than mercury thermometer and has optional backlit
display’s for easier in the field use.  Normally digital thermometers will monitor the temperature to the tenths if not even
more precise on some of the more expensive models.

Infrared Thermometer- Infrared contact-free digital thermometer.  This type of thermometer uses light at the infrared end
of the spectrum to reflect off of an object at a known rate giving the temperature without ever physically touching the

Thermal Imaging Scope/Scanner/Camera- This particular piece of equipment shows and records temperatures and
temperature fluctuations in forms of colors.  Most of these units are looked through much the same way a video recorder
is to view the image.  Some units have jacks that allow for the connection of an external separate viewing monitor.  Some
of these jacks can be used to record what images are viewed and if looking at making the investment we would highly
recommend it having this option.  The entry-level price range for these meters is going to get you a gray scale
temperature difference viewfinder.  Basically you will be able to see the image you are pointing it at in different shades of
black and white but with no temperature read out.  Some other features of the higher end models will have features such
as being remote controlled and on unit recording capabilities.  

Night Vision- Night vision units come in many designs such as goggles, binoculars and monoscopes.  Through the aid of
many steps completed on the near atomic level this technology now allows the user to see in low illuminated conditions
where the unaided eye could not.  

Electromagnetic Field Meter- An EMF or Electromagnetic Field meter reads the level of electromagnetic fields given off
by anything producing them such as everything with voltage and or current.  'Voltage' simply put is the driving force that
pushes the current around creating a 'magnetic field'.  Where as 'current' is the flow of electrons around the circuit
(circuit being whatever is carrying power in the form of electricity simply put usually a wire) forming an electric field in the

Geiger Counter- Shows levels of and variances in beta- gamma- and alpha-wave radiation.  Used for taking and
monitoring environmentals for any unusual levels of these radiations.   

Baby Monitor- Good for keeping tabs on remote locations.  Some models have two-way communications but most just the
one line from the base unit placed in a distant room to the receiver.  Normally this device is used in a nursery and the
receiver placed in another room usually where the person taking care of the child is allowing them to hear any
disturbances in the nursery.  This is another way to expand your investigating without the adding of extra people by
allowing you to monitor distant areas from one central control point.  

Motion Detector- Great for perimeter surveillance.  These handy pieces of equipment can be used as your eyes an ears
in places where you can’t be watching all the time.  Alerting you to anything’s presence that would activate them they act
as another team member.  

Metal Detector- This again is a very multifaceted piece of equipment.  The metal detector may be used to search for
hidden play back instruments or other hoaxing devises.  This use is helpful when doing structural investigations and
inside environmentals.  Can also be useful when performing environmentals outside to aid in the search and examination
of such things like transistors within walls, buried water or gas lines that may pass near the site, large deposits of natural
rock and metal groupings found in the earth.  Also may be instrumental in locating physical data while researching older
paranormal cases such as supposed contact sites of UFO’s, or haunted structures long since standing.

Salt- Salt can be used to line the perimeter of room revealing any movement by showing the disturbance in the salt that
was evenly tossed and not easily fixed if disturbed.  This can reveal hidden doors and passageways as well as unknown
or unwanted guest of any sort.  Salt is chosen for this task because of its generally lower cost and inability to float into
the air to cause confusing physical anomalies (as long as the salt is not crushed into a powder by getting stepped on and
the brushed into the air, please be aware).  Salt, originally natural coarse sea salt is believed by some people to have
paranormal powers to control supernatural events.  Some people who practice witchcraft may use salt in rituals as a
binding force for spirits whether it is to protect themselves or bind a spirit for their bidding.  There are many witchcraft
spells and rituals that call for sea salt to be used as a protecting force, such as “the casting of the circles” ritual.  

For more equipment information call 1-888-709-4HPI
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