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Ms Macabre's Alchemy
Macabre Hearse Tours

The Macabre Hearse Tour!
$35.00Per Person-
1 week- Advance notice please
1/2 Deposit Required
(if not paid in advance)

2.5- 3 hour Tour of all of Sacramento's
Haunted & Serial Killer Sites.

Hosted By:
Shannon "Ms. Macabre" McCabe
Paul Dale Roberts "The Demon Warrior"
& your driver Johnny Warlock

You'll start out in Old Sacramento
where you will get a walking tour of
all the haunted sites (Approx. 1 hour)

Then you'll be picked up by Johnny
Warlock and whisked away in our
haunted hearse to all the sites in
Sacramento where the MACABRE

18+ please
(unless you have parent supervision)

Group Rates Available for groups of 6+

Call us at 1-888-709-4HPI


Phone number:
Date Request/ # of
guests/ Comments
Join us on the Macabre Hearse Tours!